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I could not be happier right now. Had the nicest day at home with the hubs and now we (when i say we… i mean he) are about to start cooking up a delish meal for new years. A couple years ago we started a tradition where if we are actually home… we try out a new recipe. Tonight: lobstah mac & cheese (gluten free of course). It has been a very busy, stressful and EXCITING year and I am so thankful to be ending this year together at home enjoying peace and quiet.

best wishes for 2012.

be SAFE.

thank you to cocodot for all my invitations for our 2011 parties. being back in new england will mean even MORE reasons to host a party in 2012.

xoxo – SDM For The Pink Lobstah



I can’t believe it. The hubs and I hosted our first holiday party in New England. I mean… if you give me a reason to plan or host any party or get together- I WILL! So… to kick off the holiday season we wanted to invite all of our fave people over for a cocktail and a hug! AND we themed it. well not WE but it was themed ok… everyone had to wear black or white. WHY? because pics look better coordinated.

as for decorations. I personally do not love red in our coastal home. maybe someday but currently if I am going to go with a pop of color for Christmas I like a bright pink. but instead I focused on winter white with LOTS of lights and this years obsession. SNOW FLAKES. they are covering the tree and our windows…. and what fun to do with your family? make homemade snowflakes!! my poor husband.

snowflakes all over the windows. homemade and full of memories. next year watch out. I’m asking everyone to make one ūüėČ

snowflakes, bows & berries.

snowflakes on mirrors…

my white decorations draped in gilver beads… yes gilver is the perfect combo between gold & silver.

our front porch that we turn into a 4 seasons room for parties. its our fave! accent color= MINT GREEN

no. we did not own a bird. i needed a place for all of my sea treasures- drift wood… buoys. ya know.

i love that you can see our gnome- Tommy Dixon

little details…

two of my fave things: coral (perfect to hold napkins for guests) & a worn table.

MINT green caned chairs. my loves.

more MINT green caned chairs. yes please!!!

a MINT green gurgling cod. why use him as a pitcher when you can use him to decorate for the holidays. who said Christmas was all about red and green…

pictures like this are why themes are FUN! great pictures.

im a sucker for a photo-op. he knew what he was getting into before he married me. promise!

We are hosting Christmas Eve this year as well and we have 25+ people coming on over. SO EXCITED!!!

* *just REMEMBER: when it comes to the holidays….decorating your home, dressing up, cooking for multiple and being that fab hostess (or host)……. stay true to YOU and have fun with it. (and you can have a blast on a budget!!) The holidays are about being together with friends and family and celebrating everything and everyone you have in your life.

* be kind (especially over the holidays) and you will inspire others….

LYTM – SDM For The Pink Lobstah

New Home… New Decorations…
spending the weekend listening to holiday music and decorating our new home…
couldn’t be happier.

Pics to come!!

LYTM- SDM for the Pink Lobstah

* be kind (especially over the holidays) and you will inspire others

So… from the last post about “every party deserving special attention”… I received quite a few emails about the cupcake tier that was in one of the photos! ¬†Jason (the hubs) was thrilled because he was so proud of his tiers. ¬†BRAVO HUBS!! ¬†I found this fab website when I was planning our wedding a couple years ago called Style Me Pretty. Its a website about all things “bridal inspired” which I loooove. Planning our wedding was the BESSSST and so so so much fun! I could talk wedding ¬†I was a bride on a strict budget that everyone thought was IMPOSSIBLE! But I was determined to have the wedding of our dreams on a budget and IN STYLE staying 100% true to US! And thats exactly just what we did…

So. about this cupcake tier.

The above is a pic from our “dessert table” at our wedding.
We had local candy from the Cape and an assortment of the most beautiful cupcakes everrrrr including gluten free of course!!  With brown paper bags stamped with a silver sand dollar for everyone to take their candy home in!


Loved what ‘style me pretty’ had on their website for the DIY cupcake tier but of course the hubs and I wanted to tweak it to make it more of our own and coastal chic with our wedding theme.

1) ¬† jason created his own template for the bases of the cupcake tiers. We wanted the bases to be 1.5 – 2″ different in diameter per tier…
And then covered them in the local buzzards bay nautical maps using craft glue.
But you can easily find readily available cupcake tiers already made if easier for you!
Ignore the little teeny tiny tennis ball. If we are on the floor doing any project … that is invitation for Polo the pomeranian that it is time to play.

2) ¬† the hubs cut the levels between the tiers into a faceted rectangle instead of a full rectangle. You can see below where the bottom corners were angled to make them look nicer between tiers and more balanced. The height of the levels is up to you. We made ¬†the base tier the shortest and the third tier the tallest. The original color of the cardboard is shown below… but was covered with white card stock paper on each face and the side edges were folded over like wrapping a gift and glued in place.
Each level needed two faceted rectangles in order to hold up each cup cake base.
A clean slit was made in the center of each rectangle about 1/4″ wide in order to place them in an X shape to hold each other in place.
The stand was then glued onto each base w hot glue.

Top View Below

3) Once the bases were cut and covered with the maps and the tiers were created… Finishing touches needed to be added, which for me was a navy and white striped grosgrain ribbon to hide the edges of the circular bases.
But you can choose: lace, solid ribbon, printed ribbon, another paper pattern, fabric, twigs, flowers etc.
and VOILA! a custom cupcake tier that we have used for almost two years now.
Total Cost= less than $40 (for both) main cost being spent on the nautical maps (2). also needed cardboard, glue, cardstock paper, 1/4″ ribbon.
We made two (3 tier) cup cake stands and our dessert table was a huge success!

and from the party this past weekend….

It was a mission success! Hope you enjoyed and send pics if you make your own DIY cupcake tier!

So this past Friday, I hosted a very small get together for an engagement party! There were 10 people total and it was just a few hours long but so much fun. My fave thing to do on weekends is dinner with friends. I would much rather be seated around a table with great food and great friends then out at a loud club or bar. but that’s just me!

So I set up in our back room where there is more space and had everyone seated at ONE table. So we could all be a part of every conversation since time was limited. I used the colors the “bride to be” was thiiiinking about using for her wedding theme…. navy, yellow and white and got to decorating.
My colors in the back room are mint and white hence the mint chairs. ¬†ps: the lanterns are my replacement until I find that PERFECT chandelier I am on the hunt for…

I used a navy table cloth w seersucker napkins and a seersucker runner where the two tables joined together to make them look seamless. Seersucker is the perfect fabric for “nautical” inspired parties because the wrinkles are meant to be there and it is a great pattern to add to any solid. ¬†For the addition of yellow, I used lemons – sliced on each glass and also in the center of the table in the coral bowl for an accent. (lemons are a cheap and easy way to add color and that you can use once the party is over… a lot of fruit is. Apples, Pears, Limes etc.) I also used fresh flowers… I wasnt able to find ALL of the flowers I wanted so had to compromise there. Wanted all yellow tulips and white hydrangea’s. Everything I used to decorate I had already. the sea life, the coral bowl (was gold spray painted white), platters, fabric etc.

The cupcake tier was from my own wedding. My husband made them from a DIY we saw in a magazine where paper was used to cover foam core. We decided to use a map from the area we were getting married in New England and use that as the base for each tier. And then we added a navy and white grosgrain ribbon to clean finish the edges. SUPER SIMPLE and inexpensive and it looked great then and we still use now.
We ordered engagement ring cookies for the favor for the guests.

I personally love white on white decorations. It can be really simple and still make a statement.

And lastly the invitation which was all thanks to They have the BEST invitations to choose from for any event and are sent out with your choice of envelope and seal. So they can be completely custom from the inside OUT!

Remember. When planning any sort of event whether it is a dinner party or a full out wedding. It doesnt matter how much money is spent… and believe me! you can accomplish anything you desire despite any budget. What matters are the little details that make the party special and are a representation of YOU or the person you are planning the party for.
You can be inspired by ANYTHING but just stay true to YOU!

xoxo- SDM for The Pink Lobstah

ps: check back for updates on the COMPLETION of our back room. last step: choosing the perfect color carpet to go along with the Cape Cod sunroom feel.

LOVE. Its one of my fave things to do. I’m all about the details and I just loooove a theme. Hosting a little gathering this Friday evening. Stay tuned for the PICS!

The little get together couldn’t come at a sweeter time. This Thursday is Spring 2012 kick off for Lilly. What does that mean? major PREP tomorrow and laaaaaaaate night on Wednesday to prepare. Come Friday it will be due time to have a cocktail! AND to top it off Spring 2011 hits stores THIS WEEK!!! Get excited people. BEST SEASON EVAHHHHHH!!! No joke. Check it out!! Lilly Pulitzer!

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