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I could not be happier right now. Had the nicest day at home with the hubs and now we (when i say we… i mean he) are about to start cooking up a delish meal for new years. A couple years ago we started a tradition where if we are actually home… we try out a new recipe. Tonight: lobstah mac & cheese (gluten free of course). It has been a very busy, stressful and EXCITING year and I am so thankful to be ending this year together at home enjoying peace and quiet.

best wishes for 2012.

be SAFE.

thank you to cocodot for all my invitations for our 2011 parties. being back in new england will mean even MORE reasons to host a party in 2012.

xoxo – SDM For The Pink Lobstah



I can’t believe it. The hubs and I hosted our first holiday party in New England. I mean… if you give me a reason to plan or host any party or get together- I WILL! So… to kick off the holiday season we wanted to invite all of our fave people over for a cocktail and a hug! AND we themed it. well not WE but it was themed ok… everyone had to wear black or white. WHY? because pics look better coordinated.

as for decorations. I personally do not love red in our coastal home. maybe someday but currently if I am going to go with a pop of color for Christmas I like a bright pink. but instead I focused on winter white with LOTS of lights and this years obsession. SNOW FLAKES. they are covering the tree and our windows…. and what fun to do with your family? make homemade snowflakes!! my poor husband.

snowflakes all over the windows. homemade and full of memories. next year watch out. I’m asking everyone to make one ūüėČ

snowflakes, bows & berries.

snowflakes on mirrors…

my white decorations draped in gilver beads… yes gilver is the perfect combo between gold & silver.

our front porch that we turn into a 4 seasons room for parties. its our fave! accent color= MINT GREEN

no. we did not own a bird. i needed a place for all of my sea treasures- drift wood… buoys. ya know.

i love that you can see our gnome- Tommy Dixon

little details…

two of my fave things: coral (perfect to hold napkins for guests) & a worn table.

MINT green caned chairs. my loves.

more MINT green caned chairs. yes please!!!

a MINT green gurgling cod. why use him as a pitcher when you can use him to decorate for the holidays. who said Christmas was all about red and green…

pictures like this are why themes are FUN! great pictures.

im a sucker for a photo-op. he knew what he was getting into before he married me. promise!

We are hosting Christmas Eve this year as well and we have 25+ people coming on over. SO EXCITED!!!

* *just REMEMBER: when it comes to the holidays….decorating your home, dressing up, cooking for multiple and being that fab hostess (or host)……. stay true to YOU and have fun with it. (and you can have a blast on a budget!!) The holidays are about being together with friends and family and celebrating everything and everyone you have in your life.

* be kind (especially over the holidays) and you will inspire others….

LYTM – SDM For The Pink Lobstah

so.¬† I¬†was able to negotiate my way¬†from a neutral to a¬†pink office with the hubs. yes yes yes we are renting but I mean have you SEEN this wall color?¬† its not even a chic tan. it’s buy one can of gold color get one free. and my office is where I work when in MA so it needs to represent ME and what I do for a living right? SO. last weekend it went from gag gold to ELEPHANT PINK by benjamin moore.¬† its really a very light pink that is very clean. I like to call it a TINT of pink.¬† what do you think? for a lilly girl its pretty fitting right? there is a cord¬†to¬†hang¬†all of my lace from and a framed bulletin board (thank you homegoods) for all things inspiring. next project : window treatments: im either purchasing a bee lace¬†curtain panel¬†OR going to continue searching for the perfect solid color – thinking about orange. ill know it when i find it.

AND. any recommendations on where to find a COMFORTABLE lucite or rattan chair with arms?

what gets you inspired?

LYTM- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

* be kind and you will inspire others

We. are. back. In New England!!! YAYYYYY!!! and for the first week since we moved mid september I can honestly say I feel at home. Between packing, moving, UNpacking, celebrating our 2 year anniversary, leaving for Paris for a week and then working in Philly for a couple weeks 4 days at a time- my feet hadn’t hit the ground and we did notttt feel settled. icky feeling. But having more time working remotely this week has allowed me to settle in… get into a routine and realize WE LIVE IN NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!! ¬†I am so thankful for how this transition worked out I dont even have words. From PA to MA life moves on ready or not….

old home. where we started our life together.

new home. where we are beginning the next chapter of our NEW life together.

I am SOOOO excited to decorate this new house. we are renting currently so the hubs wont let me go CRRRRAAAZZZYYYY with updates and paint. but UGH the interior of the house is painted a golden TAN! in every. room. its horrid. but hey. atleast its a neutral. I’ll show you more soon but for now:


xoxo- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

* be kind and you will inspire others

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