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ok. fabric is def the story of my life. work- all fabric all the time. home- LATELY fabric obsessed. I am determined to find the perrrfect fabric for our window treatments in the kitchen to match back to our CORAL stools. I can SO picture my end result. I just need to find a fabric and color I am honestly in love with. WELL. this week we received our fabric swatches from Caitlin Wilson Design and im kinda in love.

option #1 Coral Tall Chevron from Caitlin Wilson Textiles. Yes she sells fabric by the yard.

option #2 Mint Fleur Chinoiserie from Caitlin Wilson Textiles.

SO. CWD has THE best color sense in fabric. All of her colors are current, chic and modern. Not to mention her coral color is a PERFECT match to my coral stools and I am beyond obsessed with mint right now and have been for a couple years now. SO option #2 im kinda in love with.


option #3 from Premier Prints Inc.

option #4 from Premier Prints Inc.

So my premier prints options are AMAZING. the weight of the fabric is fantastic for window treatments, pillows, upholstery and its a fab $9.99/yd butttt the color is not perfect… but I LOVE the patterns.

And then we have the CWD options that are GORG. I mean the color could not match ANY BETTER. and option #2 really works with the kitchen. it has a fine black outline along the branch of the flower that matches the granite and island and then I love the mint color. If I am ever allowed the paint the walls WHITE I will be even happier with this print. buttttt it is $50/yd. WOAH major difference.  I mean I source, design, develop and scour the world for fabric as my JOB so to pay $50/yd is hurting my soul. BUT I JUST LOVE THE PRINT.
oh and did i mention it has a little bit of shimmer on it. j’aaaaaadore.

see below pics of all the options and then my numbah one love ON the stool. pretty fab match huh? I KNOW.

what do you think? lemme know

xoxo- LYTM- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

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have you SEEN the new pottery barn spread? “the wonders of the sea”… its my dream. come. true. I have been designing our home around my own little new england chic faves and TAH. DAH. anything I could ever want that I dont already have is there… love it!!! and I have been waiting for this sand dollar to come back. take a look!!!! oversized and fabulous. perfect for any new england or beach chic home.

The best delivery of Lilly Pulitzer has finally arrived. Spring 11 2/25.  Check it out online at or stop by your local Lilly Pulitzer store.  There is so much to love. I want it all.  I havent had time to go to the store this week because of our majahhh Spring 2012 meeting but a friend was kind enough to go shopping with my credit card for THE must haves before they sold out. THANK YOU!! 😉 I have bought the elsa top in shorely blue, the whit shift in exbloomsion, the ricci shift in BOTH prints, a couple of the dresses below, the chloe dress in lilet, the whitley skirt in first impression… and I am still hunting down the wyatt dress in peel and eat AND a shirt dress that isnt on the website.  OH and did I mention thats just from THIS delivery. there are 3 more coming! ummmm… hope the hubs isnt reading this post. hehe. but I have warned him for months about my love for this season!!

Not only is Spring 2011 the best season EVER! But I am super excited about this season because there are quite a few fabrics that were chosen for the line that I DESIGNED! j’adore pattern. Getting back to my textile design roots in the midst of all the sourcing & negotiating felt amaaaaazing… Take a peek at below images of the fabrics and click on style name links to see actual style! Our fashion and print designers are. THE. best.

The Reeve Dress & Shayna Dress in vintage papillon lace.
Waiting for it to deliver in navy. SOLD!

Lela Shift, Bowen Dress & Shayna Dress in Floral Lace

Blossom Dress & Adelson Shift in Lilly Lace Jacquard

Mandy Dress in Loopy Lilly Embroidery on Gold Mesh.

Eryn Dress in Silk Organza Stripe. LOVE!
Also comes in yellow so check out  your local Lilly store. I bought it in yellow. TDF!!!!!

Stephanie Shift in Bow Jacquard. I didnt design the jacquard (thats all TORIE!!)
but I developed the concept of an engineered jacquard sourced at PV last year.
Thanks to Dutel!! One of my fave fabric suppliers.

check back for other FAVE updates.

xoxo- SDM for The Pink Lobstah

So… I am done with winter. Yes it is Feb 3rd and I am just done… as I look out my sunroom window and see the moons reflection in the ice layered on top of the snow. I think to myself. THATS IT! Time to get excited for Spring…. so what am I doing? shopping spring shoes and I am loooooving what Sperry Top-Sider has out there right now.

So. I just looooove a polka dot (my peeps from Lilly are prob saying to themselves reading this. “WE KNOW!” all I ever talk about are polka dots and sequins. OH. and stripes too). Love to mix print (ala lilly) with pattern (ala stripes and/or polka dots) … hmmm… picturing my spring wardrobe now. ((happy))

check out the below wedges by Sperry Top-Sider in polka dots AND seersucker stripes. TDF!!!! (to.die.for)

Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Santa Rosa

Sperry Top-Sider – Women’s Southport Wedge

So… from the last post about “every party deserving special attention”… I received quite a few emails about the cupcake tier that was in one of the photos!  Jason (the hubs) was thrilled because he was so proud of his tiers.  BRAVO HUBS!!  I found this fab website when I was planning our wedding a couple years ago called Style Me Pretty. Its a website about all things “bridal inspired” which I loooove. Planning our wedding was the BESSSST and so so so much fun! I could talk wedding  I was a bride on a strict budget that everyone thought was IMPOSSIBLE! But I was determined to have the wedding of our dreams on a budget and IN STYLE staying 100% true to US! And thats exactly just what we did…

So. about this cupcake tier.

The above is a pic from our “dessert table” at our wedding.
We had local candy from the Cape and an assortment of the most beautiful cupcakes everrrrr including gluten free of course!!  With brown paper bags stamped with a silver sand dollar for everyone to take their candy home in!


Loved what ‘style me pretty’ had on their website for the DIY cupcake tier but of course the hubs and I wanted to tweak it to make it more of our own and coastal chic with our wedding theme.

1)   jason created his own template for the bases of the cupcake tiers. We wanted the bases to be 1.5 – 2″ different in diameter per tier…
And then covered them in the local buzzards bay nautical maps using craft glue.
But you can easily find readily available cupcake tiers already made if easier for you!
Ignore the little teeny tiny tennis ball. If we are on the floor doing any project … that is invitation for Polo the pomeranian that it is time to play.

2)   the hubs cut the levels between the tiers into a faceted rectangle instead of a full rectangle. You can see below where the bottom corners were angled to make them look nicer between tiers and more balanced. The height of the levels is up to you. We made  the base tier the shortest and the third tier the tallest. The original color of the cardboard is shown below… but was covered with white card stock paper on each face and the side edges were folded over like wrapping a gift and glued in place.
Each level needed two faceted rectangles in order to hold up each cup cake base.
A clean slit was made in the center of each rectangle about 1/4″ wide in order to place them in an X shape to hold each other in place.
The stand was then glued onto each base w hot glue.

Top View Below

3) Once the bases were cut and covered with the maps and the tiers were created… Finishing touches needed to be added, which for me was a navy and white striped grosgrain ribbon to hide the edges of the circular bases.
But you can choose: lace, solid ribbon, printed ribbon, another paper pattern, fabric, twigs, flowers etc.
and VOILA! a custom cupcake tier that we have used for almost two years now.
Total Cost= less than $40 (for both) main cost being spent on the nautical maps (2). also needed cardboard, glue, cardstock paper, 1/4″ ribbon.
We made two (3 tier) cup cake stands and our dessert table was a huge success!

and from the party this past weekend….

It was a mission success! Hope you enjoyed and send pics if you make your own DIY cupcake tier!

soooooo as part of my new years res that you all read about, I of course needed a new yoga outfit to go with it. hmmm and where does one go to get a fun, feminine, coordinating outfit aside from lululemon? LILLY PULITZER! Lilly has had three deliveries of yoga since fall and this last delivery is the best one YET!! check it out at I bought the shiva crop pant with scallop pink accent along the legs and the lotus top in the same scallop pink.,4,shop,sportswear,active with the trisha half placket microfleece in black that is trimmed with a signature lilly print.,4,shop,sportswear,active

now. all I need is to find the perfect class. what I need with my busy schedule is a class that will allow me to pay PER class not a gym that requests a MONTHLY payment.  Any recommendations if you are around the philly area?

Check back for updates!! I am determined to become a healthier ME!

Well… you will soon figure out if you haven’t already that I looooove to host parties or get togethers, and in 2011 there are MANY to reasons to celebrate and get together with loved ones. I LOVE what has to offer for online cards and invitations for every occasion.

AND they have a line of Lilly Pulitzer invitations and cards. Talk about a perfect fit!!

BUT. Even if you are not a fan of hosting get togethers, you can always send a card for birthdays, holidays or just to say a simple hello or thank you!  Who wouldn’t love to receive this chic and fun surprise via email!!

No matter how you celebrate welcoming 2011 …


& make sure you surround yourself with everything you love and that inspires YOU in the new year!!


This has become my fave website this holiday season for sending invitations to dinner parties, special events or just sending a kind hello or thank you! take a look @ it is a chic and easy way to send a card via email!

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