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so excited. not only are the colors in this print perfect for my current color scheme, the twill weight is perfect and the shimmer over the print is AMAZ-ING!!! CWD Textiles is one of my all time fave websites for great fabrics.  let the DIY projects BEGIN!!!

cwd package





On Friday I went to Brimfield, Ma for the famous Brimfield Flea Market that happens 3 times a year. I decided to tackle the heat and hit the road to search for some fabulous vintage finds for work and home.  I found over 10 AH-mazing vintage pieces for fabric and trim inspiration for Lilly and 4 pieces of furniture for our home that I am SO in love with. I love finding special inexpensive pieces and making them my own. Today’s project was refinishing and painting a 6 legged bamboo chair with caning for my home office.

:: below is where I first fell in love :: only $30 ::


:: slowly becoming what it was meant to be ::


:: and then the after ::


So that was project number one. Still looking for the perfect pillow for the chair but this is definitely an improvement. I cant get enough of bamboo furniture and/or furniture with caning :: hence my collection of caned chairs I painted mint :: you will see what project is next from my fave finds from Brimfield SOON!

LYTM – SDM For The Pink Lobstah

 * be kind and you will inspire others

* be inspired by anyone and anything and stay true to YOU.

sparkle on.


hi all. i’ve been MIA. i know. the doom and gloom of winter (or lack there of) and all the travel lately has kept me hush hush. but. spring has sprung (or is at least on the verge) and i am getting ready for lots of fun spring projects. we are currently on a search for our next home ( i still think its the home we are renting… but we will see ) and i cant WAIT. to paint and decorate every inch.  renting is TORTURE for someone who loves home decor and COLOR. or maybe its just me.

this is something i cant wait to do on our next home- our philly home didnt work for this so hoping the next home in new england DOES. will put our street address on our outside steps and our fave sayings up the stairs from the basement.

and. i cant WAIT to paint our front door- in our current home we have TWO front doors. one literal and another from the sunporch to the living room. both will be painted a minty fresh/ bright sky blue ISH like color.

im really wanting to paint something- geesh

Happy Spring Everyone

xoxo- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

So. In prepping for a meeting for Spring 2013 this week, I have been scouring the internet for inspiring photos that are either fabulous for color- fabric- trim- trends you name it. I’m out there looking for it. and once again glitter guide kept my attention and I LOVE their pics of nailpolish colors and trends. I am a sucker for fun polish. and am going to HAVE to try adding a little glitter too. with mint polish of course.

xoxo – SDM For The Pink Lobstah

*be kind and you will inspire others

As I sit here in my pink office thinking about Spring 2013 trends- I think to myself about what I want to accomplish in 2012. So much has changed since this time last year and 2012 is something I have been thinking about A LOT. so basically it comes down to a few things out of many- FOCUSing on – * staying inspired by anything and everything and staying true to ME- * focusing on my diet wherever I may be in the world and doing more YOGA – and most importanly balancing my life BETTER and truly enjoying both aspects – work & personal since my life is split between PA & MA. this is uber importante: balance.

but in the meantime i came upon this great image from the glitter guide (which ps: OBSESSED) and LOVE it.  so important to dream BIG because after all dreams do come true. I live in New England now dont I ?

and…. i am so obsessed with mint green. as you know from all my mint furniture and mint fingernails i just had to share. ANOTHER great image from the glitter guide. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE.  i just had to share my mint obsession. it works SO well in a coastal home.

LYTM- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

* be kind and you will inspire others

loved the 1st coral color i painted the stool. but it didnt work well ENOUGH in the kitchen. so. i went darker and brighter. and now IM IN LOVE. its much better in person but just so you can get the jist take a peak below. now onto the curtains…. love this shtuff!

LYTM- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

* be kind and you will inspire others



so. recently i was skimming the pages of jcrew as i always do and instead of falling in love with a that perfect cardigan i just had to have for winter. i fell in love with a stool in the background. yes a stool. the page in general was a great color story. bright yellow with a royal blue accent and then my focus- the CORAL colored stool.  

it was just what I was looking for in our kitchen. we have a chopping block island from crate & barrel and in this new kitchen it needed a pop of color. so i started with a couple of stools.  we bought them from a mill store which has officially become my latest obsession. every piece of wooden furniture you could ever want -unfinished. which for someone who loves paint its a dream come true. and they do custom work AND will paint or stain for you.

and then VOILA stool numero uno painted CORAL. i went in to benjamin moore and asked for a sample. $4 later i have PLENTY of paint for two stools and then some.

will finish painting this weekend. just had to see how i liked the color in all of the lighting- morning- noon- night before painting the 2nd stool. its looking a bit pink salmon color in the night lighting… we will see if it is too “pinkish” tomorrow…. but if i love it then the next project is finding the perfect patterned fabric to make shades for the kitchen. thinking- ikat like pattern on canvas in similar coral- white- red/ bright pink color story.

love “staycations”… getting so much accomplished.

LYTM- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

* be kind and you will inspire others……


About the face of cancer..  learn from him… Mike Cohen’s outlook on life is inspirational. Don’t we all need a little more inspiration in life? I know I look for more of it. every. day. And up until about 20 mins ago my inspiration for today was the perfect shade of coral paint. now. mike.


LYTM- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

* be kind and you will INSPIRE others



I can’t believe it. The hubs and I hosted our first holiday party in New England. I mean… if you give me a reason to plan or host any party or get together- I WILL! So… to kick off the holiday season we wanted to invite all of our fave people over for a cocktail and a hug! AND we themed it. well not WE but it was themed ok… everyone had to wear black or white. WHY? because pics look better coordinated.

as for decorations. I personally do not love red in our coastal home. maybe someday but currently if I am going to go with a pop of color for Christmas I like a bright pink. but instead I focused on winter white with LOTS of lights and this years obsession. SNOW FLAKES. they are covering the tree and our windows…. and what fun to do with your family? make homemade snowflakes!! my poor husband.

snowflakes all over the windows. homemade and full of memories. next year watch out. I’m asking everyone to make one 😉

snowflakes, bows & berries.

snowflakes on mirrors…

my white decorations draped in gilver beads… yes gilver is the perfect combo between gold & silver.

our front porch that we turn into a 4 seasons room for parties. its our fave! accent color= MINT GREEN

no. we did not own a bird. i needed a place for all of my sea treasures- drift wood… buoys. ya know.

i love that you can see our gnome- Tommy Dixon

little details…

two of my fave things: coral (perfect to hold napkins for guests) & a worn table.

MINT green caned chairs. my loves.

more MINT green caned chairs. yes please!!!

a MINT green gurgling cod. why use him as a pitcher when you can use him to decorate for the holidays. who said Christmas was all about red and green…

pictures like this are why themes are FUN! great pictures.

im a sucker for a photo-op. he knew what he was getting into before he married me. promise!

We are hosting Christmas Eve this year as well and we have 25+ people coming on over. SO EXCITED!!!

* *just REMEMBER: when it comes to the holidays….decorating your home, dressing up, cooking for multiple and being that fab hostess (or host)……. stay true to YOU and have fun with it. (and you can have a blast on a budget!!) The holidays are about being together with friends and family and celebrating everything and everyone you have in your life.

* be kind (especially over the holidays) and you will inspire others….

LYTM – SDM For The Pink Lobstah

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