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Happy New Year Everyone!!! May 2013 be full of luck *

So. As I mentioned this “staycation” during the holidays was going to be dedicated to DIY home projects. In the midst of all of my travel it was quite nice to take some time at home and just nest since purchasing the home in September.

I worked on a few DIY projects and successfully completed them. WOAH! – downstairs bathroom re-do, new kitchen curtains courtesy of CWD fabric along with a kitchen chalkboard which was QUITE the hit during the holiday soiree’s and finally putting up a wall of frames ::memory wall:: in the living room.

First Up- First Floor Bathroom Re-Vamp

This bathroom didn’t have any structural revisions it was solely cosmetic. What a difference a little paint and fabric can make! First off- this bathroom was painted GOLD. the same color as every other room in this house when we moved in.
I painted any natural wood – White. Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore
Wall Paint is Benjamin Moore Light Mint which I love and have also added to the interior back drop of our built in shelf in the dining room. (see pics below)





Octopus Hook As Towel Holder- Anthropologie

Pink Bubble Knobs- Anthropologie

Shower Curtain- Custom Made

Now I am working on some wall art- Saving fabulous maps from my travels (similar to below).
I am going to frame them and that will be the wall art- plain and simple. I think photo’s of people or pets in any bathroom is just odd.


Going into the kitchen is this fabulous built in shelf that I use for all my fave white pottery and sea life details. I painted the back of the shelves the same color as the bathroom which if off of the kitchen for purposes of color flow.

DSC09387(photo before we moved in)


(after- with paint & decor)


(close up- and yes still not ready to put away the Christmas Decor)

Light mint is a great paint color- it is a tint of aqua with a lot of white present. Highly recommended for any room,


Up Next- a how to on DIY roller shades. Check Back!!

Xoxo – SDM For The Pink Lobstah

* Be Kind and you will Inspire Others


I can’t believe it. The hubs and I hosted our first holiday party in New England. I mean… if you give me a reason to plan or host any party or get together- I WILL! So… to kick off the holiday season we wanted to invite all of our fave people over for a cocktail and a hug! AND we themed it. well not WE but it was themed ok… everyone had to wear black or white. WHY? because pics look better coordinated.

as for decorations. I personally do not love red in our coastal home. maybe someday but currently if I am going to go with a pop of color for Christmas I like a bright pink. but instead I focused on winter white with LOTS of lights and this years obsession. SNOW FLAKES. they are covering the tree and our windows…. and what fun to do with your family? make homemade snowflakes!! my poor husband.

snowflakes all over the windows. homemade and full of memories. next year watch out. I’m asking everyone to make one 😉

snowflakes, bows & berries.

snowflakes on mirrors…

my white decorations draped in gilver beads… yes gilver is the perfect combo between gold & silver.

our front porch that we turn into a 4 seasons room for parties. its our fave! accent color= MINT GREEN

no. we did not own a bird. i needed a place for all of my sea treasures- drift wood… buoys. ya know.

i love that you can see our gnome- Tommy Dixon

little details…

two of my fave things: coral (perfect to hold napkins for guests) & a worn table.

MINT green caned chairs. my loves.

more MINT green caned chairs. yes please!!!

a MINT green gurgling cod. why use him as a pitcher when you can use him to decorate for the holidays. who said Christmas was all about red and green…

pictures like this are why themes are FUN! great pictures.

im a sucker for a photo-op. he knew what he was getting into before he married me. promise!

We are hosting Christmas Eve this year as well and we have 25+ people coming on over. SO EXCITED!!!

* *just REMEMBER: when it comes to the holidays….decorating your home, dressing up, cooking for multiple and being that fab hostess (or host)……. stay true to YOU and have fun with it. (and you can have a blast on a budget!!) The holidays are about being together with friends and family and celebrating everything and everyone you have in your life.

* be kind (especially over the holidays) and you will inspire others….

LYTM – SDM For The Pink Lobstah

well for those of you who do not know … my husband and I officially moved to New England in September.  The hubs was relocated back in MAY and I didn’t move here with him until our home in Philly sold. Which luckily it did after two months. So we packed up and left our beloved home in Philly and moved to our most loved place on earth- New England. We are renting the most TDF (to.die.for) home… in our dream neighborhood, close to the water, close to family and close to our fave little village. We didn’t want to rush into buying another home until we felt settled and confident here. SO. to say the least for someone who LIVES to re-do rooms and PAINT. I am holding back until we own ((sigh)).  I know I have been MIA. between putting our old house on the market, living separately, packing, finding a new home, MOVING, and now trying to focus on working remotely and traveling quite frequently back and forth to Lilly- the whole personal- work life has not exactly been balanced. IM TRYING! and I hope to be blogging more often. now that life is settling down I look forward to letting everyone back in …

SO. The holidays. We are hosting not just one but TWO holiday get togethers including Christmas Eve. My fave night of the year * So this weekend was spent decorating our new space. First floor is very open with the living and dining space as ONE. there is a sunroom off the living room at the front of the house (i live for sunrooms with painted blue ceilings… remember ours in philly? ahhh. well this one is smaller. but FAB), there is an office off the living room that I just painted PINK. YES pink., and there is a fab kitchen off the dining room. The dilemma- this house has a TON of windows and doors-and where there are not windows or doors there is this awful gold paint- everywhere. ulghhhhh. I am trying to convince the hubs to let me paint every single inch (even though we don’t own it. the landlord says go for it… (( check back for updates )) but with this set up WHERE DO WE PUT THE TREE???!!??!

WELL…. we angled the dining room carpet & table and put the tree in the corner by the back door. I am just loving it. still focused on gold, white & silver.


better pics to come

next task- sunroooooooom


LYTM – SDM For The Pink Lobstah

 * * be kind and you will inspire others * *


New Home… New Decorations…
spending the weekend listening to holiday music and decorating our new home…
couldn’t be happier.

Pics to come!!

LYTM- SDM for the Pink Lobstah

* be kind (especially over the holidays) and you will inspire others

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