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Obsessing over the colors. Lots of  golds/ nude, shimmmmmmer, sparkle, and embellishment. But my fave is Michelle Williams in what I’m calling tangerine … similar to pantones color of 2012. But I have also heard the dress referred to as red and/or coral?  Cant tell on screen. What do you think of this color?  And ps i think Giuliana also looks fab in my fave metallic color GILVER. (goldsilver)

Love tonight.


I love navy accessories and its very hard to find them. I already bought my navy knotty wedges from Lilly. TDF!!!!! (they are sold out but you can still find them online thru the Lilly Pulitzer signature stores such as Splash of Pink) Cute arent they?

Well today I went to Circa Vintage Wear in New Bedford to look around for some great vintage fabrics (which OH YES! I did find). They have the best accessories and vintage finds! Check them out on facebook or go on in and say hi to Chris!!! Amongst the MANY purses I was flirting with purchasing this one caught my eye and I fell in love immediately. SOLD!! Made of raffia in a cobalt/ navy color. Perfect size & condition with great compartments for all things girly to be stored. And the coolest part… The original receipt was inside from  July 3rd 1978 and it sold for $13.64 and I purchased it for $20 33 years later almost to the day.  It will look great with my Lilly this summer!!

be kind and you will inspire others.

* SDM- For The Pink Lobstah

I have loved stripes for a while and its fantastic that they are such a hot trend item right now because they are so easy to find in fashion and in home decor every which way. (except for on a chair slip cover in neutral. not giving up peeps)… Tomorrow I head off to Hong Kong and China and it just so happens that what I packed is stripes stripes and more stripes. I try to always pack cotton based items or items that can be home laundered easily… with that said after looking at what I have chosen for next week I have… denim jeans, white denim jeans, striped tops (zara & target), a striped light weight sweater dress (H&M) and a colorblocked v-neck button up sweater (lilly). hmmmm… works for me. add a printed lilly murfee scarf, and a printed sea and be seen tote (big enough to carry all of my shtuff) and off. we. go…. well. off I go…


Be back next week friends.



* SDM- For The Pink Lobstah

WYATT DRESS (from lilly pulitzer) I LOVE YOU!!!!

love the print “peel and eat”. it’s a chic & fun flamingo print with a bit of black so you can wear it in early spring, all summer long and all the way thru to late fall. love the belt. love the style. SO READY FOR SPRING!!!!!!!! oh. and a tan. eek!  going to wear it tomorrow with a black cardi.

xoxo- SDM

So… I am done with winter. Yes it is Feb 3rd and I am just done… as I look out my sunroom window and see the moons reflection in the ice layered on top of the snow. I think to myself. THATS IT! Time to get excited for Spring…. so what am I doing? shopping spring shoes and I am loooooving what Sperry Top-Sider has out there right now.

So. I just looooove a polka dot (my peeps from Lilly are prob saying to themselves reading this. “WE KNOW!” all I ever talk about are polka dots and sequins. OH. and stripes too). Love to mix print (ala lilly) with pattern (ala stripes and/or polka dots) … hmmm… picturing my spring wardrobe now. ((happy))

check out the below wedges by Sperry Top-Sider in polka dots AND seersucker stripes. TDF!!!! (to.die.for)

Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Santa Rosa

Sperry Top-Sider – Women’s Southport Wedge

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