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Hi Everyone-

Well I have been super obsessed with CWD Textiles Mint Fleur Chinoise Fabric. It works perfectly with all the colors I have in our home. White, Navy, Aqua, Coral & Black primarily.

I saw a fabulous post about a year ago from one of my fave blogs A Well Dressed Home and have been patiently waiting to try it. FINALLY- since we purchased our home in September I got to the DIY roller shade project. It is simple and cost effective and oh wait- NO SEW! Yes I work in fashion and can’t sew. That’s me. It’s a goal to learn but for now fabric glue and no sew iron on adhesive tape is my friend.

What do you need to get started?
Fabric Glue- I chose SoBo
Fabric of your choice
Roller Shade – that has been cut to your custom size
Measuring Tape

I chose to use some fabric that was quite costly… but worked perfectly with my color scheme in our New England home SO to assure I didn’t waste an inch of it- I did a practice round with the same striped fabric from our new shower curtain. If you have the time and fabric to do this I highly suggest it. After all the roller shade is only $5-8/each depending on where you decide to purchase. The first trial was fairly successful but not perfect. The fabric I used was poplin and may be a bit too light weight for this project.


:: first trial. not actually using (too matchy matchy) but worth seeing how it looked. I learned from my first trial and perfected the real deal::

Okay- now the pressure is on. Time for the real thing…. I chose a fabric that was a light weight twill weave and it worked perfectly for this project. Much better than the poplin trial.

First-  measure your your needs. I found that if I only ever wanted the curtain to hang 22″ max then there was no need to do the full window length of 42″ for example. The less fabric you use the more successful the shade is at 1) rolling up 2) continuing to be made to go up and down.
So I took my needs of a 22″ height and added 2″ of wastage at each end (top & bottom)
The width of the window was 32″ but to assure I was measuring properly I placed the roller shade on the fabric and added 2″ of wastage to either side (left & right)
Total fabric need being 26″ high x 36″ wide.
Cut fabric to your needs and iron. Do this for all windows

Then- I decided to have the shade be “fabric over” instead of “fabric under”- I think it looks more finished and chic this way. So I placed the shade accordingly onto the fabric. :: see below ::

Make sure the back side of the fabric does not have any loose thread, lint or dirt- or else it may show thru and you will never be able to get it off once glue is applied.
Place shade in the center of your fabric and starting with each side…. place fabric glue along the very edge of the shade. Firmly fold over the fabric and secure ::make sure there are no wrinkles:: Do the same thing to the other side.
Then do the same thing to the bottom of the shade. The corners of the shade need to be done very well in order to make a clean point.
Roll the top of the shade back a bit and do the same thing to the top of the fabric- applying glue to the edge of the top of the fabric and then roll the shade over the top edge to secure the fabric-glue to the shade.
::Let Dry:: Learn from me- have patience. Do not blow-dry the glue. This will create shrinkage and wrinkle ::thank you practice shade::


:: back of the shade once complete ::

Tightly roll up the newly fabric covered shade. Make sure the shade spring has been tightened and place into your window.
Pull down the shade to your desired length and TAH DAH!!!
* Note- if the shade doesn’t stay where you want it then you have to un-roll the entire shade, roll the entire shade back up tightly- and then make sure the spring is tightened back into place. If the spring of the roller shade is not tightened the shade will not roll up or down.




I like simple curtains in the kitchen. And I am not a fan of the color of natural wood so had to do something to spruce up this space. Currently in the process of painting the walls white and looking for new knobs for the cabinets until the hubs gives me a go ahead to have the cabinets re-done in white. ::this is at the VERY end of the to-do list unfortunately:: BUT this fabric really pulled all our colors together- aqua from the bathroom and shelf, coral from the accents, black from the granite and furniture AND did I mention it has a glitter shimmer all over it? YUP. Any anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with anything glitter.

I did 3 windows in about 5 hours including a practice shade.

Couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

xoxo- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

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Happy New Year Everyone!!! May 2013 be full of luck *

So. As I mentioned this “staycation” during the holidays was going to be dedicated to DIY home projects. In the midst of all of my travel it was quite nice to take some time at home and just nest since purchasing the home in September.

I worked on a few DIY projects and successfully completed them. WOAH! – downstairs bathroom re-do, new kitchen curtains courtesy of CWD fabric along with a kitchen chalkboard which was QUITE the hit during the holiday soiree’s and finally putting up a wall of frames ::memory wall:: in the living room.

First Up- First Floor Bathroom Re-Vamp

This bathroom didn’t have any structural revisions it was solely cosmetic. What a difference a little paint and fabric can make! First off- this bathroom was painted GOLD. the same color as every other room in this house when we moved in.
I painted any natural wood – White. Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore
Wall Paint is Benjamin Moore Light Mint which I love and have also added to the interior back drop of our built in shelf in the dining room. (see pics below)





Octopus Hook As Towel Holder- Anthropologie

Pink Bubble Knobs- Anthropologie

Shower Curtain- Custom Made

Now I am working on some wall art- Saving fabulous maps from my travels (similar to below).
I am going to frame them and that will be the wall art- plain and simple. I think photo’s of people or pets in any bathroom is just odd.


Going into the kitchen is this fabulous built in shelf that I use for all my fave white pottery and sea life details. I painted the back of the shelves the same color as the bathroom which if off of the kitchen for purposes of color flow.

DSC09387(photo before we moved in)


(after- with paint & decor)


(close up- and yes still not ready to put away the Christmas Decor)

Light mint is a great paint color- it is a tint of aqua with a lot of white present. Highly recommended for any room,


Up Next- a how to on DIY roller shades. Check Back!!

Xoxo – SDM For The Pink Lobstah

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so excited. not only are the colors in this print perfect for my current color scheme, the twill weight is perfect and the shimmer over the print is AMAZ-ING!!! CWD Textiles is one of my all time fave websites for great fabrics.  let the DIY projects BEGIN!!!

cwd package




Yes. its been a while. but without getting into the specifics I’ll make a long story SHORT.  The home we were renting after moving from PA —> MA we have since purchased as of September. What does that mean? I am in DIY and makeover heaven… 

Current Obsession = curtains. All sorts. Shower curtains, CORDLESS blinds, DIY shades. You name it… I am into it.  My latest woe :: Pottery Barn cordless roman shades that I HAD to have for our living room do not come in the size I need.  Nor the color really. What I wanted was white shades with a NAVY grosgrain… but I was going to settle for black.

The solution :: A DIY project courtesy of one of my fave blogs A Well Dressed Home to create cordless window shades in a few simple steps?  Can I do it? we will see….  All I need is some white light weight canvas and navy grosgrain. This will become a project for me while I take some time off during the Holidays. 

Now. the obsession doesn’t stop there. I LOOOOVE Caitlin Wilson Textiles. Her colors are fabulous and the patterns can’t be found anywhere else.  J’ADORE. I have been in love with Mint Fleur Chinoise Fabric for months… back when I painted my kitchen stools coral I knew I just had to have this fabric for curtains in the kitchen. WELL- since the coral stools came to life I have since painted the bathroom off the kitchen light mint by Benjamin Moore AND painted one of the walls in the kitchen with black chalkboard paint by Benjamin Moore. So this fabric would really tie all the colors together in its surrounding space. AND until Monday its 15% off. I have to stop putting it off, take some time for me and just DO IT!!



AND the final curtain obsession involves a navy and white stripe SHOWER curtain. I have the fabric. its perfect. wide navy and white horizontal stripes for our new AQUA bathroom. Dont giggle…. I may work in the fashion industry but I cant sew a straight line. I studied textiles and how they were made not fashion. ayyy yayyy yayyyy!! So. going to have the curtains custom made instead. ((must add ::learn to sew:: to new years res))

So check back around the holidays for photos of living room shades, kitchen shades/ chalkboard wall and finished aqua bathroom with striped shower curtain. CAN THIS BE DONE?? YES! pics to come of the good, the bad and the finished product!! 

xoxo- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

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hi all. i’ve been MIA. i know. the doom and gloom of winter (or lack there of) and all the travel lately has kept me hush hush. but. spring has sprung (or is at least on the verge) and i am getting ready for lots of fun spring projects. we are currently on a search for our next home ( i still think its the home we are renting… but we will see ) and i cant WAIT. to paint and decorate every inch.  renting is TORTURE for someone who loves home decor and COLOR. or maybe its just me.

this is something i cant wait to do on our next home- our philly home didnt work for this so hoping the next home in new england DOES. will put our street address on our outside steps and our fave sayings up the stairs from the basement.

and. i cant WAIT to paint our front door- in our current home we have TWO front doors. one literal and another from the sunporch to the living room. both will be painted a minty fresh/ bright sky blue ISH like color.

im really wanting to paint something- geesh

Happy Spring Everyone

xoxo- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

Obsessing over the colors. Lots of  golds/ nude, shimmmmmmer, sparkle, and embellishment. But my fave is Michelle Williams in what I’m calling tangerine … similar to pantones color of 2012. But I have also heard the dress referred to as red and/or coral?  Cant tell on screen. What do you think of this color?  And ps i think Giuliana also looks fab in my fave metallic color GILVER. (goldsilver)

Love tonight.

So. In prepping for a meeting for Spring 2013 this week, I have been scouring the internet for inspiring photos that are either fabulous for color- fabric- trim- trends you name it. I’m out there looking for it. and once again glitter guide kept my attention and I LOVE their pics of nailpolish colors and trends. I am a sucker for fun polish. and am going to HAVE to try adding a little glitter too. with mint polish of course.

xoxo – SDM For The Pink Lobstah

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ok. fabric is def the story of my life. work- all fabric all the time. home- LATELY fabric obsessed. I am determined to find the perrrfect fabric for our window treatments in the kitchen to match back to our CORAL stools. I can SO picture my end result. I just need to find a fabric and color I am honestly in love with. WELL. this week we received our fabric swatches from Caitlin Wilson Design and im kinda in love.

option #1 Coral Tall Chevron from Caitlin Wilson Textiles. Yes she sells fabric by the yard.

option #2 Mint Fleur Chinoiserie from Caitlin Wilson Textiles.

SO. CWD has THE best color sense in fabric. All of her colors are current, chic and modern. Not to mention her coral color is a PERFECT match to my coral stools and I am beyond obsessed with mint right now and have been for a couple years now. SO option #2 im kinda in love with.


option #3 from Premier Prints Inc.

option #4 from Premier Prints Inc.

So my premier prints options are AMAZING. the weight of the fabric is fantastic for window treatments, pillows, upholstery and its a fab $9.99/yd butttt the color is not perfect… but I LOVE the patterns.

And then we have the CWD options that are GORG. I mean the color could not match ANY BETTER. and option #2 really works with the kitchen. it has a fine black outline along the branch of the flower that matches the granite and island and then I love the mint color. If I am ever allowed the paint the walls WHITE I will be even happier with this print. buttttt it is $50/yd. WOAH major difference.  I mean I source, design, develop and scour the world for fabric as my JOB so to pay $50/yd is hurting my soul. BUT I JUST LOVE THE PRINT.
oh and did i mention it has a little bit of shimmer on it. j’aaaaaadore.

see below pics of all the options and then my numbah one love ON the stool. pretty fab match huh? I KNOW.

what do you think? lemme know

xoxo- LYTM- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

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As I sit here in my pink office thinking about Spring 2013 trends- I think to myself about what I want to accomplish in 2012. So much has changed since this time last year and 2012 is something I have been thinking about A LOT. so basically it comes down to a few things out of many- FOCUSing on – * staying inspired by anything and everything and staying true to ME- * focusing on my diet wherever I may be in the world and doing more YOGA – and most importanly balancing my life BETTER and truly enjoying both aspects – work & personal since my life is split between PA & MA. this is uber importante: balance.

but in the meantime i came upon this great image from the glitter guide (which ps: OBSESSED) and LOVE it.  so important to dream BIG because after all dreams do come true. I live in New England now dont I ?

and…. i am so obsessed with mint green. as you know from all my mint furniture and mint fingernails i just had to share. ANOTHER great image from the glitter guide. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE.  i just had to share my mint obsession. it works SO well in a coastal home.

LYTM- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

* be kind and you will inspire others

loved the 1st coral color i painted the stool. but it didnt work well ENOUGH in the kitchen. so. i went darker and brighter. and now IM IN LOVE. its much better in person but just so you can get the jist take a peak below. now onto the curtains…. love this shtuff!

LYTM- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

* be kind and you will inspire others



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