So. <<big breath in>> My name is Sarah Dupre Maurer… I created ‘The Pink Lobstah’ because my heart is true to New England & prior to September 2011 I lived  just outside of Philadelphia with my husband and two pomeranians for years… and I wanted to share how I stay true to what inspires me wherever I may be in the world.  I grew up along the coast in MA and over 10 years later IM BACK and brought my family with me.  I moved to Philly to study textile design when I was 18 but have always stayed true to the “508” and am always the most inspired by all things New England. I wasn’t sure if moving back to New England would ever become a reality but when its meant to be … life finds a way of falling perfectly into place. I live for all things creative, colorful and inspiring; whether it is thru fashion, home decor, paint colors, party planning or people.  Color is my passion and I will buy a new piece of furniture or home decor item over a new pair of shoes ANY day & I LOVE to host a party. Please. give me a reason for a theme. But… I. LOVE. MY. JOB (which just so happens to be in fashion!) I work at Lilly Pulitzer as their Fabric, Trim and Color Design and Development Manager and absolutely love the brand. You will more often than not catch me wearing a “Lilly” of sorts despite the season or destination.  After all. I love color and I love coastal living so it turns out to be a perfect fit!

So …this blog, even though it may be about ME being inspired by all things New England Chic and sharing all of my favorite things with you… I want everyone to enjoy! but also share what inspires you from wherever you may be with me. I am an open and honest book and look forward to sharing all of my favorite “inspired” moments (good or bad)- from images to home projects and everything in between. One thing you will take from this blog is “inspiration”. Don’t giggle. I know I said it. A.LOT!  But… It doesn’t matter how it happens as long as it happens!

SO. GO GET INSPIRED and make sure you stay true to YOU!