hi all. i’ve been MIA. i know. the doom and gloom of winter (or lack there of) and all the travel lately has kept me hush hush. but. spring has sprung (or is at least on the verge) and i am getting ready for lots of fun spring projects. we are currently on a search for our next home ( i still think its the home we are renting… but we will see ) and i cant WAIT. to paint and decorate every inch.  renting is TORTURE for someone who loves home decor and COLOR. or maybe its just me.

this is something i cant wait to do on our next home- our philly home didnt work for this so hoping the next home in new england DOES. will put our street address on our outside steps and our fave sayings up the stairs from the basement.

and. i cant WAIT to paint our front door- in our current home we have TWO front doors. one literal and another from the sunporch to the living room. both will be painted a minty fresh/ bright sky blue ISH like color.

im really wanting to paint something- geesh

Happy Spring Everyone

xoxo- SDM For The Pink Lobstah