so. recently i was skimming the pages of jcrew as i always do and instead of falling in love with a that perfect cardigan i just had to have for winter. i fell in love with a stool in the background. yes a stool. the page in general was a great color story. bright yellow with a royal blue accent and then my focus- the CORAL colored stool.  

it was just what I was looking for in our kitchen. we have a chopping block island from crate & barrel and in this new kitchen it needed a pop of color. so i started with a couple of stools.  we bought them from a mill store which has officially become my latest obsession. every piece of wooden furniture you could ever want -unfinished. which for someone who loves paint its a dream come true. and they do custom work AND will paint or stain for you.

and then VOILA stool numero uno painted CORAL. i went in to benjamin moore and asked for a sample. $4 later i have PLENTY of paint for two stools and then some.

will finish painting this weekend. just had to see how i liked the color in all of the lighting- morning- noon- night before painting the 2nd stool. its looking a bit pink salmon color in the night lighting… we will see if it is too “pinkish” tomorrow…. but if i love it then the next project is finding the perfect patterned fabric to make shades for the kitchen. thinking- ikat like pattern on canvas in similar coral- white- red/ bright pink color story.

love “staycations”… getting so much accomplished.

LYTM- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

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