We. are. back. In New England!!! YAYYYYY!!! and for the first week since we moved mid september I can honestly say I feel at home. Between packing, moving, UNpacking, celebrating our 2 year anniversary, leaving for Paris for a week and then working in Philly for a couple weeks 4 days at a time- my feet hadn’t hit the ground and we did notttt feel settled. icky feeling. But having more time working remotely this week has allowed me to settle in… get into a routine and realize WE LIVE IN NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so thankful for how this transition worked out I dont even have words. From PA to MA life moves on ready or not….

old home. where we started our life together.

new home. where we are beginning the next chapter of our NEW life together.

I am SOOOO excited to decorate this new house. we are renting currently so the hubs wont let me go CRRRRAAAZZZYYYY with updates and paint. but UGH the interior of the house is painted a golden TAN! in every. room. its horrid. but hey. atleast its a neutral. I’ll show you more soon but for now:


xoxo- SDM For The Pink Lobstah

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