Hi Everyone. Long Time No Blog. I KNOW! Since April life became a little crrrrrazyyy. But all for the good. So much has changed and I can proudly and HAPPILY say my husband and I (and our pups) will be official residents of NEW ENGLAND very soon.  That’s right. Everything that I have loved so much about New England… so much that I started a blog about everything New England inspired will become ‘home’.  It’s a dream I honestly wasnt sure that would come true… but it was a goal of ours and when it was meant to be it happened and everything fell into place.  My husband has been there (with the pups) since MAY!!!!!!! Can you believe it? We have been doing a lot of back and forth but we will soon be back together as a family and life will resume with a fresh start.  I haven’t been able to talk about this. I mean I am an open book and will let anyone in but I just couldn’t go there. Not about this. Not about something that meant SO much to us and that we were taking a chance and uplifting our life for… but I wanted to let everyone know I will be back. For good. Very very soon. More inspired than ever ANDDDD we get to re-decorate a house together. A truly New England inspired home. I cant wait! and get this. We close on our home in philly the weekend of our anniversary… and then …. I leave my husband, and dogs and our new life for Paris to attend some fabric shows for a week. but hey.

sweet dreams.

xoxo – SDM For The Pink Lobstah

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