WELL! it has been a WHILE. but there is a reason I PROMISE Its coming up on a month since I got back from China… and when I returned our life changed. For the better! and it has been until recently that I have been able to actually speak about it publicly. Long story short… my husband and I are moving back to MA. Where our hearts have been and now our jobs. While I was in China, my husband was offered an AMAAAAAZING job opportunity working for an architecture firm in RI and once I returned, we sat down to REALLY talk about what this meant… and he accepted!  What does this mean for me and my fab-u job at Lilly? I am NOT leaving and I am thrilled.  I will continue to be a part of that amazing brand and do what I do but from my future new home in MA and I will travel back to Philly just about every week on an as need basis. But I wouldnt be able to do this without my most amazing team Shelly & Lizzers. LYTM!

But the crazy part about this all is that he didnt look for this job. It fell into his lap and for the past month everything has just fallen into place. NEXT STEPS: house is going on the market next week most likely. It has been project CENTRAL for the past few weeks and the hubs started his new job THIS WEEK. yes. He is living in MA with my family and I am continuing to live here until the house sells. SO STAY POSITIVE and wish on a star for us so I can get home to my hubs, PUPS (YES! he took the pups), my fam and the OCEAN! for now, I travel to my beloved New England every couple of weeks to spend time with my family.

I always say appreciate what you have, be kind and you will inspire others, and stay true to YOU!  Good things happen to good people and when you want something bad enough, life has funny ways of working itself out!

oh. AND … when this all went down I finally bought my sand dollar that I have been obsessing over. and it looks FAB!
* and yes. we have done ALL of this work to a home that we are so in love with and now we are moving on. c’est la vie

Check back to see what fun, crazy and inspiring happenings take place next.

xoxo – SDM for The Pink Lobstah