I have loved stripes for a while and its fantastic that they are such a hot trend item right now because they are so easy to find in fashion and in home decor every which way. (except for on a chair slip cover in neutral. not giving up peeps)… Tomorrow I head off to Hong Kong and China and it just so happens that what I packed is stripes stripes and more stripes. I try to always pack cotton based items or items that can be home laundered easily… with that said after looking at what I have chosen for next week I have… denim jeans, white denim jeans, striped tops (zara & target), a striped light weight sweater dress (H&M) and a colorblocked v-neck button up sweater (lilly). hmmmm… works for me. add a printed lilly murfee scarf, and a printed sea and be seen tote (big enough to carry all of my shtuff) and off. we. go…. well. off I go…


Be back next week friends.



* SDM- For The Pink Lobstah