So… As I mentioned my latest project is re-doing our mastah bedroom! So I am painting allllll my furniture that was black. White. Because I am going for a very clean, peaceful, comfortable look. White on white decorations on white furniture. All Lee Gallery Frames from Pottery Barn on walls and on furniture. (they are my fave). White bedding with accent pillows that are a nod to being almost metallic in hints of blues and grey (which is all set. done. finito). And then the curtains. want to find patterned neutral curtains. So far I am leaning towards Ikat Ogee Linen Window Panels from West Elm. we will see. this is a project that gets worked on when time allows. for the past couple of weeks. time has allowed for only ONE piece of furniture to be painted. but thats okay! its heading in the right direction. so far I love it!

and then the final item to find are neutral striped slip covers for chairs. any recommendations? they must be striped. and the stripe must be neutral. I have been looking for months. HELP! I have these two chairs that have slip covers. And I have two pomeranians who treat these slip covers like tents. Under each chair is a bed. And Zoe goes under one chair and Po goes under the other. I have considered getting rid of these chairs but I think a mental breakdown would occur for both poms. So instead. I search for the perfect chair covers that will make me love them as much as I once did. The chairs are similar to the below shape.


* SDM- for The Pink Lobstah