So… I have always been a fan of mixing metals when decorating certain spaces. I think it adds a bit of interest if you are going with a more eclectic look but it can still look refined and modern. I mix metals in our back sunroom that has all white wooden furniture with neutral accents and also a vintage pastel green that all chairs are painted. It is my true nod to New England where all my fave “finds” are lovingly displayed and every sort of metal is present. bronze, gold, silver. and it works!

I decided to do the same thing in the half bath we just re-did with silvers and golds that are both a bit worn looking along with smooth silvers mostly in the hardware. I already told you how much I LOVE the “paisley pink” color we painted the half bath and I have finally found the perfect round mirror I was looking for. Thank you HomeGoods!! They are the best for mirrors, lamps and misc. accessory pieces. They are always my first go to before I take the plunge and spend serious $$$$$$$ on other name brands. This mirror was $29.99. HELLO! for a half bath. PERFECT!

So. now I am just looking for similar frames. gold, silver, worn, shiny. Various sizes and they are going to be hung on the wall over the toilet with black and white photos of boats we take every time we go home to New England. That way the black and white from the photos will tie in the black base of the sink.  I always look to Homegoods, Marshalls and Tuesday Morning for frames. If you have never heard of Tuesday Morning you should look them up! They are pretty fabulous for clay pots, frames, cookware & even bedding. And they are fabulously affordable aka (cheap… not a fan of that word)

Next project. kitchen, half bath and entry way flooring. The tiles have been ordered. and the hubs insists he will be putting it in himself. I. Will be finding something to do that weekend away from home… 😉

Happy SPRING!! The perfect time for home projects!

– SDM  For The Pink Lobstah