so I am currently in the midst of a DIY  mission : master bedroom re-do & re-paint. and I am SO EXCITED! It has slowly been in the works since we got married back in 2009 but it has become a mission to finish before summer. light & airy surrounded by all of our fave pics and memories… (oh and did I mention its all me. the hubs is working on other DIY projects so the master is in my hands! dun dun dunnnnn) Something I have always loved is white on white. ie: white decorations against white walls or on white furniture. Currently our master bedroom has all black furniture that has been collected over the years. So I am slowly sanding, priming and RE-painting all of it WHITE. Pictures will come once it is finished. WISH ME LUCK!

But… I wanted to share something I love. and that is ginger jars. all sorts. whether they are glass, pottery, patterned, painted or solid. I love them all. And if they are white I will love them even more. I use them for decoration in every room. Some store memories, sea life, sea glass, even dog biscuits and others are just for decoration as is. I have this tall “gingah jah” ((508)) in the master bedroom and I stuck a reed diffuser inside of it so you can still smell it but cant see it. Which I love. Reed diffusers aren’t HORRIBLE to look at but I prefer they are hidden. take a look!

and these are all of my treasures I love to display in the glass version.
and what’s great is that these jars were used in our wedding to hold local candy and now they are being used in our home. *recycle

it has taken me years to find myself in my decorating but over the past few years it has clicked. I went from loving shabby chic to romantic tuscan, to somewhere in between and for the past couple of years beach chic has evolved into exactly “us”. clean lines, lots of white, comfortable living, eclectic mixtures that are new england inspired. and each room is different but it fits, it works. and we love it.

* be inspired and stay true to YOU!

SDM- The Pink Lobstah