The best delivery of Lilly Pulitzer has finally arrived. Spring 11 2/25.  Check it out online at or stop by your local Lilly Pulitzer store.  There is so much to love. I want it all.  I havent had time to go to the store this week because of our majahhh Spring 2012 meeting but a friend was kind enough to go shopping with my credit card for THE must haves before they sold out. THANK YOU!! 😉 I have bought the elsa top in shorely blue, the whit shift in exbloomsion, the ricci shift in BOTH prints, a couple of the dresses below, the chloe dress in lilet, the whitley skirt in first impression… and I am still hunting down the wyatt dress in peel and eat AND a shirt dress that isnt on the website.  OH and did I mention thats just from THIS delivery. there are 3 more coming! ummmm… hope the hubs isnt reading this post. hehe. but I have warned him for months about my love for this season!!

Not only is Spring 2011 the best season EVER! But I am super excited about this season because there are quite a few fabrics that were chosen for the line that I DESIGNED! j’adore pattern. Getting back to my textile design roots in the midst of all the sourcing & negotiating felt amaaaaazing… Take a peek at below images of the fabrics and click on style name links to see actual style! Our fashion and print designers are. THE. best.

The Reeve Dress & Shayna Dress in vintage papillon lace.
Waiting for it to deliver in navy. SOLD!

Lela Shift, Bowen Dress & Shayna Dress in Floral Lace

Blossom Dress & Adelson Shift in Lilly Lace Jacquard

Mandy Dress in Loopy Lilly Embroidery on Gold Mesh.

Eryn Dress in Silk Organza Stripe. LOVE!
Also comes in yellow so check out  your local Lilly store. I bought it in yellow. TDF!!!!!

Stephanie Shift in Bow Jacquard. I didnt design the jacquard (thats all TORIE!!)
but I developed the concept of an engineered jacquard sourced at PV last year.
Thanks to Dutel!! One of my fave fabric suppliers.

check back for other FAVE updates.

xoxo- SDM for The Pink Lobstah