WHEWWWW!!! I know I said I was going to be back from Paris last weekend… and that was TRUE! However, during my last night in Paris I got sick and brought the loooooooovely Parisian bug home with me and have been trying to fight it off ever since. If I wasn’t at work… I was sleeping. It’s been a rough week! I completely RUINED valentines day with the hubs but thankfully am feeling better just in time for his BIRTHDAY!

I have so much to catch up on and so much to share!!! But. Tonight. Dinner with the hubs at Legal Seafood. We are missing New England for MANY reasons but one is the SEAFOOOOOOOD. So we are going to bring a little bit of Boston to Philly! Not only is their seafood fresh but they also have a gluten free menu which is fab for me! I asked Jason if we could go anyyyyywhere for dinner tonight where would he want to go. His first choice was The Bayside Restaurant… Which is unfortunately 300 miles north in Westport, MA. If anyone lives in that area and has never been IT IS A MUST!! They are famous for their broiled scallops, eggplant fries, and fish & chips. The best around!! Not to mention that Bayside is the first certified GREEN restaurant in Massachusetts and is family owned by some of the best people around. ((sigh…)) BUT we will be there in the spring!!!

Now. What to wear on this WICKED windy day…

xoxo- SDM