So… from the last post about “every party deserving special attention”… I received quite a few emails about the cupcake tier that was in one of the photos!  Jason (the hubs) was thrilled because he was so proud of his tiers.  BRAVO HUBS!!  I found this fab website when I was planning our wedding a couple years ago called Style Me Pretty. Its a website about all things “bridal inspired” which I loooove. Planning our wedding was the BESSSST and so so so much fun! I could talk wedding  I was a bride on a strict budget that everyone thought was IMPOSSIBLE! But I was determined to have the wedding of our dreams on a budget and IN STYLE staying 100% true to US! And thats exactly just what we did…

So. about this cupcake tier.

The above is a pic from our “dessert table” at our wedding.
We had local candy from the Cape and an assortment of the most beautiful cupcakes everrrrr including gluten free of course!!  With brown paper bags stamped with a silver sand dollar for everyone to take their candy home in!


Loved what ‘style me pretty’ had on their website for the DIY cupcake tier but of course the hubs and I wanted to tweak it to make it more of our own and coastal chic with our wedding theme.

1)   jason created his own template for the bases of the cupcake tiers. We wanted the bases to be 1.5 – 2″ different in diameter per tier…
And then covered them in the local buzzards bay nautical maps using craft glue.
But you can easily find readily available cupcake tiers already made if easier for you!
Ignore the little teeny tiny tennis ball. If we are on the floor doing any project … that is invitation for Polo the pomeranian that it is time to play.

2)   the hubs cut the levels between the tiers into a faceted rectangle instead of a full rectangle. You can see below where the bottom corners were angled to make them look nicer between tiers and more balanced. The height of the levels is up to you. We made  the base tier the shortest and the third tier the tallest. The original color of the cardboard is shown below… but was covered with white card stock paper on each face and the side edges were folded over like wrapping a gift and glued in place.
Each level needed two faceted rectangles in order to hold up each cup cake base.
A clean slit was made in the center of each rectangle about 1/4″ wide in order to place them in an X shape to hold each other in place.
The stand was then glued onto each base w hot glue.

Top View Below

3) Once the bases were cut and covered with the maps and the tiers were created… Finishing touches needed to be added, which for me was a navy and white striped grosgrain ribbon to hide the edges of the circular bases.
But you can choose: lace, solid ribbon, printed ribbon, another paper pattern, fabric, twigs, flowers etc.
and VOILA! a custom cupcake tier that we have used for almost two years now.
Total Cost= less than $40 (for both) main cost being spent on the nautical maps (2). also needed cardboard, glue, cardstock paper, 1/4″ ribbon.
We made two (3 tier) cup cake stands and our dessert table was a huge success!

and from the party this past weekend….

It was a mission success! Hope you enjoyed and send pics if you make your own DIY cupcake tier!