I am going to dedicate each month to someone who is truly inspirational. January is my first full month as a “blogger”…

January is dedicated to:

My mum… Jojo.

She is my best friend, my go to, my sounding board. She has been the best mother a daughter could ever wish for and despite any hiccup or adventure my life has taken, I know I had her support.  She raised me as a single mother and in turn we became best friends. There isn’t a day that goes by where we do not speak over the phone. At-least once. Growing up , she never let on if there was any struggle or hard time in either of our lives. She was and is strong in so many ways. She is generous and kind.  She would give her shirt of her back if you would need it…. She sees the glass as half full no matter what. and I LOVE THAT about her. She taught me how to forgive at a very young age. To never let a bad situation shape who you become in a negative way. To look at the good and to be thankful.

I hope someday I become even half the mother she was and is to me…

So mum. I love you. you inspire me everyday and have helped shape who I have become.
I thank you for being you and for loving and supporting me the way you have.