I had a little photo op with my “kids” in ALL THIS SNOW we keep getting and just had to share!!!

Meet Po and Zoe!!!
Polo is 6 and has been my sidekick thru the thick and the thin. He had to approve of my now husband when we began dating and now they cant live without each other. The now hubs wasnt too sure of this “fluff” dog but he has the best personality and is just a cool dude… he couldnt resist falling in love. but shhhhh!!
My little diva Zoe is a rescue so we believe she is 5. We got her from an amaaazing rescue facility in PA called Main Line Animal Rescue or MLAR. Very strict adoption process which I LOVED and we couldnt be happier. Zoe lived her entire life in a cage as a breeding pomeranian. She has no depth perception and cant go down stairs, shes bow legged, has a kink in her tail, a dip in her spine and it took her a year to feel safe around a man. But she is HILARIOUS and has the cutest little personality. She thinks she is very pretty and is loving her new life.

Polo is red and blonde and Zoe has the glamorous pony tails and black bits in her fur!! Say hello to my “kids”!