I love candles… I love how they create a warm and inviting space and I love the glow they create.  I do NOT like the smoke they can sometimes give off, and I don’t like to remember to make sure they are all blown out. Especially with tea lights… when they are everywhere.  So my new obsession is flame-less tea lights. I know they are nothing new but are currently everywhere… & They are FABULOUS! Cost effective, 60 hours of battery life, they FLICKER, and you can keep them on any shelf with out the candle smoke damaging the paint. TAHHHH DAH! Genius. You can get them from anywhere… Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, West Elm, you name it they are everywhere.

If you love the look of candles but dont love the damage they can cause (even soy options) on shelves, give em’ a try!

Look at how great they look in all my sea urchin candle holders from my fave store in Fairhaven MA called Euro. Its the BEST store to find nautical New England Chic home decor items at the best price out there. Its a dream come true and I am 300 miles away. Talk about TORTURE! But every time we go “home”… we always stop in and shop shop shop!