So as you may know by now, I just got back from HK. I travel there quite frequently for work and this past trip was the first of 2011. It was also the shortest I have ever taken, which has its pros! 5 days total including travel unlike the usual 7 or 8. So we had extremely busy and full days but all of which were extremely successful and productive. I travel to HK to maintain business relationships with our vendors, monitor and control any production issues and put fabric and trim for future seasons into work.

Always trying to have a little fun in the meantime…

We always stay on the Kowloon side but we were invited to dinner with one of our vendors and factories on the Hong Kong side so we took a taxi. Below is a picture of myself and a co-worker on our way!

We had a lovely Italian dinner at Grissini located in the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong The hotel was GORGEOUS! and the dinner including the company was fantastic. I know it seems almost comical to go to HK and eat Italian… but dont worry. The traditional chinese meal is coming…

We spent one entire day in a warehouse inspecting our summer 2011 bulk production fabric. We were “allowed” out for lunch and walked just a few blocks thru what is called the “new territory”. It is a combination of the really old Hong Kong and the really new and modern Hong Kong.


And this is where we had our traditional Chinese lunch. Everyone sits around a round table and multiple dishes come out for everyone to share. I don’t really eat when I travel thru China or HK because there have been too many times where I have become sooo soo sick. Not sure if it is the oil or the water but I stay clear of both and eat literally white rice only, steamed vegetables and protein bars and drink only bottled water from a known source. So what you see on the table. I did not touch. But all of my vendors know that about me before even going out to eat, so they know I am not being rude. They have had to take me to the doctor in HK before so they understand. But… If I were to ask for certain dishes or accept food onto my plate and then NOT eat it, that would be considered rude. So take note if you ever travel to China or HK!   All of the food is ordered quite fast and it all comes out very very quick. It is fresh and made to order which is quite nice compared to some of the options we have in the US.

the above is all of the dishes that were ordered for lunch and shared between 5 people, well 6 including me. My boiled white rice is in the bowl. ha

the above I was warned not to eat. It is a combination of pig ear, tofu, an inside intestine they could not define and some other “stuff”. But they love it!
And I asked to take the photo!

tradish coca-cola! in the old school bottle.

At night they have a light show specifically close to CNY (Chinese New Year). And as many times I have been, it always make me happy to see it, and I always stop and take yet even MORE photos. The below photo was taken from the Kowloon side and overlooks the HK side.

and. when there is time, a trip to the trim market is a MUST! its many blocks of anything TRIM! buttons, zippers, broaches, lace. You name it. Its there!

the below is something I will never be able to truly understand and will always be amazed by. BAMBOO… is used as scaffolding. Talk about strong!

So, I know some of this was random but I wanted to share a little bit of HK with you. It is a great place for shopping, dining (if your stomach can handle it) and tourism. If you have the opportunity to go. DO IT! It is Life Changing…

There will be more photos and stories to come throughout the year.

Next trip: Paris for the Spring and Summer 2012 fabric shows at Premiere Vision in February.

xoxo- SDM for The Pink Lobstah