I embrace change. I love to move on with the new… & out with the old! I love to purge and make space for “new”ness. But I also keep what I cherish very close. My family, my friends, my pups Po and Zoe, the beach, my memories. I have always had the belief that good things happen to good people and if you share in the good and enjoy everyone for who they are and not be quick to make judgements then positive things will come your way. Learn from everyone and everything and have an open mind. Everything that happens in your life has a reason, and you may not know what that reason is when it happens but eventually it is realized or discovered.  I always take some time to really think about the learnings of the past year and what I want to take with me into the next year and what I want to leave behind.


My New Years Resolutions for 2011 are:

* As good comes my way make sure to somehow pay it forward. Give back always and as able. Doesn’t matter to who or to what just as long as it happens.

* Smile. I am always smiling (usually with my mouth wide open… laughing…) So I would like to make sure I continue to SMILE and laugh. But work on doing both.with my mouth. Shut.

* Take more time for me. I put soooo much of myself into my job at Lilly. Which as you know I LOVE! but it cant define me. It can continue to mould who I become, but I need to pay more attention to what ELSE makes me happy & inspired?
– My husband makes me happy. He is my best friend and a faaantastic husband. I need to make more time to be home with him during the week before KIDS come into the picture. We have made a resolution to have two dinners a week. At home. Together. At the dining room table. This may sound silly to you… but as our careers have taken on a life of their own (and I have missed countless dinners together), this is something that has suffered. The quiet time. Together. Around a dining room table. Making dinner together. Talking and laughing. Weekends are busy. During the week is our time. So we need to make more time for the little things.
– Part of this resolution was this blog. I have been challenged to start one for over a year about everything I love … and finally, I decided to make it happen.
– Another part will be taking control of my health. You don’t have control of much in your life at the end of the day, but you do have 100% control of what you put into your body. I am already on quite a restrictive diet (allergic to gluten, have a lot of food sensitivities blah blah blah) but need to step up the nutrients and really kick it into high gear. So I feel bettahhhhh!!!
– And a MAJOR part that I don’t make nearly enough time for is yoga and pilates. They are great ways to relieve stress and get in shape and stay centered. Yet hardly ANY time is put aside for such activities. And I am not just talking doing pilates on my machine at home. I am talking find a class and GO TO IT!

* and this one is HUGE for me. I went to college for textile design, specifically print design. And I used to paint or draw every.day. whether it was for class or personal requests from family or friends. Since I graduated from college, my career went more towards fabric development and has finally come BACK around towards design over the past few years and my job at Lilly is quite creative. BUT. I still haven’t painted in years. I talk about it all the time, but I haven’t picked up a paint brush and put it to a canvas. SO. MAKE ME DO IT. I can. I love it. What is holding me back?

So those are my MAIN resolutions for 2011. Do you have any advice? What are your resolutions? Share your stories with me…
I love the beginning of a new year with new possibilities.

be kind and you will inspire others.