I love themes. So over the holidays I theme three main things that I love.
One: Our Christmas Tree. Two: The Gift Wrapping. Three: The Dining Room Table. And this year I kept it simple across the board… white lights ALWAYS and neutral accents. I love mixing metallics all year round, both in my home and with my accessories… So I embrace gold and silver together and here is how I went about completing my three themes:

One: Our Tree. So this year we (I say we because I loooooove and adore my husband, but really we means I… when it comes to decorating) changed things up COMPLETELY. We rearranged our living room last spring because we went from having two sofas to one large and even more comfy sectional. So instead of the tree being in the corner between the sofas with lots of room, we placed it in the corner next to the fireplace blocking one of the entrances to our dining room. So we went smaller and thinner to accommodate the tree’s new home.
The decorations on the tree are simple but many. Gold, silver, and clear balls and ornaments including snowflakes covered in glitter (gold and silver glitter of course). Gold and silver ribbons tied out of the leftover wrapping bows from the previous year (an easy way to recycle last years ribbon from gifts. tie them into bows and VOILA… decorations for next years tree). Starfish (real ones… they are lighter and easier to place on the branches than the faux starfish that are usually made of a plaster; which is fantastic (I have them all over my home) but TOO heavy for the tree. Branches w sprayed berries in gold, white and silver. AND lastly monograms of our initials… S, J, & M.  I bought them from pottery barn but made more JUST as easy, and if you have kids it could be a great project for the family. If you would like to know how shoot me an email.

Two: The gift wrapping. Sooo… along with the tree it was kept with silver and gold accents for the embellishments. but as for paper it was as simple as it gets. White paper that can usually always be found at Ikea and Target all year long (so it is great to stock up knowing you can use it for ANY giftable occasion) and brown craft paper (that can be purchased at any craft store or Target has their own version… but if you need a cost savings version you can use the inside of brown paper bags you get from the grocery store as well… The size of the gifts you are able to successfully wrap are limited BUT its great for small to medium presents). And then they are wrapped with ribbon and there you have perfectly themed gifts for under your tree.

The pomeranian in the pic is NOT a gift but is one of our two “kids” and I am completely in love. This is Polo aka Po ( I am sure you will see more of him ) but he cant resist a photo-op!!

And here is our other “kid” Zoe. She too is a pomeranian and we rescued her almost two years ago and she is hillllarious. Not nearly as interested in being photographed as Po but is looking extremely glam with her “ponytails” (yes. her ears are tiny but she has glamorous hair flowing from them)

Three: The Dining Room Table.  So every year (if Christmas is at home in Philly, instead of MA), then we always host Christmas Eve at our home. This is my absolute fave night of the year and I LOVE hosting a get together and bringing family together. I always start with something I am loving from that year and in 2010 I loved GLITTER and anything extra sparkly. So I decided to start there for the dining room table theme. Now. I don’t have one single table that sits 15-20 but I am adamant that if you have the room, try to find a way to bring all of your guests together to ONE table for dinner.  We have a large back room that we call our sunroom… we decorated it so it offers an additional living space to the left and an additional dining space to the right. The dining space is larger than our actual dining room so this is where we put the large dining room table with the expandable leaves and keep it there all year long. But for the holidays we bring in our patio table and put a glass top over it and voila! it acts as a proper dining room table. But. This year I had a dilemma. It took me a while to find THE perfect table cloth in the length I needed but. Finally a week before Christmas Eve there it was at Home Goods (love them!). It was gold and sparkly with hints of metallic woven into the cloth. it was PERFECT. but. I needed two. I searched all over but there was no luck in time for Christmas Eve. soooo I made do with one perfect gold table cloth and then one lovely but not as perfect silver metallic printed table cloth. Yes thats right… I continued my gold and silver theme from the christmas tree, to the gifts and right into the dining room. I embellished with all things gold or silver on each table and added anything that sparkled including candles covered in GLITTER. They were perfect for my theme and “dripless” which is always nice. What tied the silver and gold tables together were 1) the white dishes, 2) the glassware throughout and 3) the white coral bowl that housed excess napkins. It turned out to be a success and our family was thrilled. It was a lovely night and the only thing that could have made it even better would have been to have all of my family from New England here with us… but momma Jojo WAS able to make it and she is the most important. love you mum!

Hope everyone had a safe and Merry Merry Christmas!!
xoxo – The Pink Lobstah